Speech Archives

The laboratory has inherited and raised a growing collection of speech samples which have been recorded and/or digitalised during the last years by its researchers. The digitalised archive will be published in this section of the laboratory website. The public collection includes:

  • More than 500 versions of "The North Wind and the Sun" in various languages and dialects
  • Vinca's voices
  • Data from various projects (Galileo G14-126, AMPER)
  • Archivi di parlato dialettale:
  • Greek and Albanian speech of Italy
    Speech of San Marzano di S.G. (TA)
    Griki proverbs of Calimera (LE)
    Survey at Martano 2002 [Romano A., Manco F. & Saracino C. (2002). "Un giorno a Martano: riflessioni sulla situazione linguistica della Grecia Salentina". Studi Linguistici Salentini, 26, 61-109.]
    Survey at Calimera 2006 [Romano A. & Marra P. (2008). Il griko nel terzo millennio: < speculazioni > su una lingua in agonia. Parabita (Lecce): Il laboratorio, 127 pp.]
    Piedomontais speech of Italy
    Bagnolo Piemonte Speech
    Some data on the Campertogno, Mollia and Rassa dialectal variety [Molino G. & Romano A. (2008). Il dialetto valsesiano nella media Valgrande. Alessandria: Dell'Orso, 175 pp. + I-XXXIV (ISBN 978-88-6274-037-1).]
    Dialectal speech archive
    Dialectal proverbs of Leporano (TA)
    Dialectal speech of Supersano (LE)
  • Ethno-anthropological Documentation about the Batahirah tribe of Oman (by Fabio Gasparini)