Welcome to the Laboratory of Experimental Phonetics 'Arturo Genre'

of the University of Turin!

The laboratory (which has been founded in 2006 and is dedicated to Arturo Genre's memory) is now accessible from the 9th of February 2017. A new setting has been arranged thanks to the University authorities and to the personal help of friends, colleagues and University fellows. You can browse through the pages of this website using the toolbar above.

AISV Conference

29-31 of January 2020, Rende (CS)

This month we recommend you the paper "Gemination in Northern versus Central and Southern Varieties of Italian: A Corpus-based Investigation" by Paolo Mairano and Valentina De Iacovo

Ethno-anthropological Documentation about the Baṭāḥira tribe of Oman

Theses session

Spring session 2018-19 Go to the website

C'era una volta la fonetica sperimentale - Storia di un sonografo

Do you speak a dialectal variety? A foreign language? Come to the LFSAG to be recorded! Speech Archives


C'era una volta la fonetica sperimentale - La fibroscopia stroboscopica

The third issue of the LFSAG is finally on-line!

Explore the new section VIP-Voices of Italian Poets of the LFSAG


The Pro(so)Praat project aims at helping Praat users to realise the speech orthographic, prosodic and thematic annotation.

Go to the project

XV AISV National Congress

Do you know the LFSAG speech archives?

The laboratory has inherited and raised a growing collection of speech samples which have been recorded and/or digitalised during the last years by its researchers. The digitalised archive is available in this section of the laboratory website:

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