L2PHROL call for papers

Topics of the workshop

We welcome contributions focusing on Romance L1 learners of any L2 involving any of the following broad themes:

  1. The acquisition of new phonological/phonetic/prosodic features in production and/or perception by speakers who have a Romance L1, or by simultaneous bilinguals with at least one Romance language.
  2. Common characteristics and common difficulties encountered by Romance native speakers learning an L2, such as tense-lax vowel contrasts, glottal fricative /h/, aspirated stops, stress-timed rhythm, phonological vowel length, lexical tones, prosodic realization of contrastive focus, etc.
  3. Other phonetic characteristics of L2 speech by L1 Romance speakers.
  4. The validation of phonetic/phonological theories in the light of L2 data by speakers whose L1 is a Romance language, or by simultaneous bilinguals with at least one Romance language.
  5. Teaching techniques or materials addressing L2 pronunciation and phonological awareness for Romance L1 learners of any L2.


We invite anonymized abstracts in English (Times New Roman, 12-point font size, max. 1 page in A4 size plus optionally a second page for references and figures). Abstracts must be submitted by 1st September 2017 8th September 2017 (see important dates and abstract submission) and will be peer-reviewed by members of the scientific committee.


Authors will be able to register directly on site. There will be no registration fee.