PhonPad: an online IPA transcription editor

PhonPad is an online IPA transcription editor. You can press on any symbol in this page and it will be inserted into the textbox; if you only need to transcribe English, you can use the symbols on the right of the editor, otherwise you should press the buttons below to view all other IPA symbols. You can then copy the text and paste it in a mail, in a Word document or other: in some cases, you may need to select an adequate font (e.g. Doulos SIL, Charis SIL, DejaVu Sans, Lucida Sans Unicode or Gentium).

Licence: This is GPL software developed by Paolo Mairano, so you are free to use and/or modify it; you can even insert it in your website, but if you do so, please quote your source and link to this page.

Warning: If phonetic symbols are not visible or are corrupted, you are probably using a browser that is not standard-compliant and/or that is incapable of showing IPA transcriptions (such as Internet Explorer 6): in order to solve this problem, you can either switch to another browser (ex. Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Safari) or try installing additional fonts (ex. DejaVu Sans - you should unzip them in C:\windows\fonts).