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Correlatore is a program developed by Paolo Mairano in Tcl/Tk which can be used for the rhythmic analysis of annotated files. It has been created in order to calculate automatically come rhythmic correlates (%V, ΔC, ΔV, Varcos, PVIs, CCIs - see the documentation) from Praat's annotation files. So, if you wish to carry on research on the acoustic correlates of linguistic rhythm, you only need to annotate your wave files with Praat and, then, to open the TextGrids in Correlatore: you will obtain the values for the correlates quoted above and you will be able to build charts with the results.

Correlatore is released under the terms of the GPL license, so you can download it and use it freely. You are advised to read the documentation (particularly the 'Warning' section, where you can find the annotation criteria you have to follow).


Since September 2015 Correlatore's homepage has been moved here to simplify the support and update process. Please visit the new homepage to download the latest version.